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Meet the Author: E.S. Wesley

E.S. Wesley

E.S. Wesley is an author and advocate for the safety and mental health of young people. A long-time mentor and counselor, Wesley has worked for years to protect, encourage, and empower young adults to navigate a life that rarely makes sense. He believes all people are just aiting for someone to relate to their stories, so he makes up stories in the hope that someone will read and find a home there. His stories are often strange and twisty. Wesley lives with his wife in Texas, where he’s always writing. Texas has a lot of things that he likes, but Shelly is the best of them. Second best is his son, who introduced him to his wife. Sometimes we do things out of order; that just makes life more interesting.

E.S. Wesley’s debut novel, THE OUTS (Curiosity Quills, January 24, 2017) is YA Sci-Fi. When global, memory-stealing blackouts turn a seventeen-year-old honor student into an accidental kidnapper with a sadistic voice in his head, it’s up to the weird comic book fangirl with a language disability to save him before the little girl he stole unravels everyone’s future.

Fun Facts:

The two or three items he needs to have with him when he sits down to write: A blanket, a drink, a puppy.

Favorite childhood book: The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper.

His hobbies when he’s not writing/reading: Video Games, Netflix binging, Guitar.

His favorite Muppet and why: Fozzie Bear. He’s good natured, likes people to laugh, and generally enjoys life.

The craziest thing he did when he was 17: I fell off a mountain in Alaska, 70 miles from civilization.

If he could travel anywhere in the world, he’d go to: Japan.

Where to find him:

Website/Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads Author Page/Goodreads Book Page/Instagram




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