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Meet the Author: Kate Hart

kate hart

After studying Spanish and history at a small liberal arts school, Kate Hart taught small people their ABCs, wrote grants for grownup people with disabilities, and now builds treehouses for people of all sizes. Her debut YA novel, AFTER THE FALL, is coming winter 2017 from FSG. She also blogs at YA Highway, hosts the Badass Ladies You Should Know project, and enjoys taking so many book out of the library that her children ask why people are staring.

Kate’s debut novel, AFTER THE FALL (Margaret Ferguson Books/FSG(Macmillan), January 24, 2017) is a YA Contemporary. It’s the story of a girl who refuses to play the damsel in distress, even in the face of sexual assault, and the boy who has always hoped to rescue her, until she seeks comfort in his brother’s arms and a terrible accident changes everything.

Fun Facts: 

Her favorite childhood book: THE HEADLESS CUPID and LIBBY ON WEDNESDAY by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, any Calvin and Hobbes collection; in junior high, I loved THE STAND by Stephen King, and my high school favorite was THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margaret Atwood.

Her hobbies when she’s not writing/reading: Hiking, sewing, general craftiness, travel, concerts.

 Her favorite Muppet and why: Kermit. He knows why.

 The craziest thing she did when she was 17: It’s only crazy in retrospect, but I went on my first date with my now-husband. 

 If she could travel anywhere in the world, where she’d go: I like to just get in the car and head west. 

 Where to find her:

Website/Twitter/Goodreads Author Page/Goodreads Book Page


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