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Meet the Author: Jeff Giles

Jeff Giles

Jeff Giles is a writer based in Montana. He was previously the Deputy Editor of Entertainment Weekly, where he oversaw all coverage of movies and books. Prior to EW, Giles was an arts writer and editor at Newsweek, where, among other things, he served as a Rohan Army extra in “Lord of the Rings” while chronicling the trilogy from start to finish (Peter Jackson shot a close-up of him, then cut it, saying he “looked silly.”) Giles has freelanced for many outlets, including Rolling Stone and The New York Times Book Review.

Jeff’s debut novel, THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING (Bloomsbury Kids, January 31, 2017) is a Young Adult Contemporary/Fantasy. A Montana girl, who’s grieving after the mysterious death of her dad, chases her little brother into a blizzard—and stumbles on a bounty hunter from the underworld who’s come to take a soul. She tries to help him escape his life before all hell breaks loose.

Fun facts:

The two or three items he needs to have with him when he sits down to write: Iced tea and daylight.

His favorite childhood book: “The Wizard of Earthsea,” by Ursula K. LeGuin.

Books he constantly recommends: “Bel Canto,” by Anne Patchett; “Open Secrets,” by Alice Munro; “Never Let Me Go,” by Kazuo Ishiguro; “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” by Maria Semple; “Pobby & Dingan,” by Ben Rice

His hobbies when he’s not writing/reading: Playing guitar and parenting.

Where to find him:





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