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Meet the Author: Stephanie Elliot


Stephanie Elliot has written for a variety of websites and magazines and has been a passionate advocate of other authors by promoting their books on the Internet for more than a decade. A Florida native, she has lived in Chicago and Philadelphia and currently calls Scottsdale, Arizona, home. Stephanie and her husband have three children: AJ, McKaelen, and Luke. They are all her favorites.

Stephanie’s debut novel, SAD PERFECT (FSG/Margaret Ferguson Books, February 28, 2017) is a YA Contemporary. SAD PERFECT is a love story told in second person about an unnamed 16-year-old girl with ARFID, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, an eating disorder with its own new category in the DSM-V. For fans of Jennifer Niven’s ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES, SAD PERFECT is about finding love through disease, imperfect families, and how internal strength can conquer any monster.

Fun Facts:

The two or three items she needs to have with her when she sits down to write: MacBook Air, Headphones set to Pandora station to coincide with what I’m writing. Sometimes chocolate — always dark chocolate. Sea salt is good too. Ice Water or a Pineapple Iced Tea with Orange Slices

The literary character she’d most like to meet: My own! Because they’ve been living in my head for so long, I’d like to see what they’re like in real life. Maybe they’re mad at me for making them the way they are?

Her favorite childhood book: I’ve got a couple. Flat Stanley, the ORIGINAL story with the original cover. I got my copy in second grade, for my eighth birthday probably. I miss that book, the actual copy of that book, so much!  My other favorite childhood book was Blubber, by Judy Blume, and I also had the book with the original cover. I got this one when I was in fifth grade, when I was 10 or 11. It was the first book I read that had a bad word in it — damn — and I remember I felt compelled to confess to my mother that I was reading a book with swear words in it.

Her hobbies when she’s not writing/reading: Napping! I should be doing yoga, but I haven’t in a long while and miss it. I should be taking walks, but I haven’t in a long while. Napping wins.

Her favorite Muppet and why: Do Sesame Street characters count as Muppets? Because I have always been a Grover Lover. So furry and lovable!

The craziest thing she did when she was 17: Make out with a guy I just met at a Valentine’s party at the top of a staircase and then fall down that flight of stairs and continue making out with him when we got to the bottom. The bruises the next day!

If she could travel anywhere in the world, she’d go: Tahiti to one of those little hut resorts above the water. And I’d stay there as long as I could and swim, walk the beach, sunbathe, NAP (see above) eat, drink and write. The beach. Always the beach.

The question she wished we’d asked: Yes, why am I staring out into space trying to think of another question that will make me seem more Swanky than I already am? When I should be working on my book edits.

Where You’ll Find Her:






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