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Please connect with other 2017 MG and YA debut authors on Twitter using the hashtag #2017debuts

Interested in becoming a member of the Swanky Seventeens? Learn more about our group here.

Please note: No applications for membership will be accepted after December 1, 2016.

To apply for membership, you must:

NOTE: We adhere strictly to these criteria.  If you are not sure whether your publisher is listed in one of the above market surveys, please check before applying.  You will also need to submit a link to an official announcement of your book sale when applying, so if your sale has not yet been announced, please come back and apply after the announcement comes out.

If you have questions about your eligibility, please email

Upon acceptance into the group, members will be expected to:

1) Submit requested information to the administrators in a timely fashion for inclusion in our authors page, blog, and other information.

2) Like/follow the group on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads).

3) Create an account for the Swanky Seventeens members-only forum and participate in discussions there on a regular basis. Our primary means of daily communication is through the forum. (To ensure that everyone participates, every 60 days the Admin team will review existing accounts and will contact members who have never posted to the forum, or have not logged in and posted to the board during the previous two months. Those members will have three days to respond to confirm their intention to continue being a member or the account will be deleted. When an account is deleted, the member capsule bio will also be removed from the website.)

4) Support group initiatives. The Swanky Seventeens does not collect dues; however, if the membership votes to initiate any projects that require funding in the future, all members will be asked to contribute a small amount.

5) Once advanced reading copies (ARCs) start to become available, read at least 10 fellow members’ books and actively discuss/promote them online. Our ARC Tour coordinators will coordinate circulation of advanced reading copies so that members can read as many other members’ books as possible and talk about them coherently. Members will be expected to read the books they receive in a timely fashion and cover shipping costs to send them on the next person on the list.

6) Do at least one thing per week to support or promote other members’ books. Such actions may include: tweeting about another member’s book, interviewing another member on your blog, asking about another member’s book at your local bookstore, retweeting another member’s post. We will share ideas to promote one another’s books on our member forum.

7) Consider joining one of our committees, such as Alternative Media, Conferences, Meet-ups and Retreats, Contests/Giveaways, Book Tours, or Launch Parties.

8) Consider forming or joining one or more subgroups based on mutual interests, geographical location, and other factors.

9) Contribute to at least one blog post (may be part of a group collaboration or an individual contribution).

10) Have fun and be nice! We are all here to share this journey and support one another. Members who can’t play nicely will be asked to leave.

Please remember that the Swanky Seventeens Admins are volunteers. Just like you, we have jobs, families, and other commitments. We will make every effort to respond to all questions and membership applications in a timely fashion.

If you meet our eligibility criteria and agree to the above member expectations, please complete the member application form below.

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